k: missing kings
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B u t    s h e    w a s    r i g h t.
That afternoon, it was sunny with a chance of bombs.
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[K the 4koma] 38. Things Which Reminds Us of Summer

Kuroh: Since today is hot, I’ve made us some shaved ice.
Neko: Shaved ice?!

Shiro: It’s cold and delicious.
Kuroh: It isn’t summer without this.

Neko: Shi~ro~
Shiro: Neko!? What’s wrong!?

Kuroh: It’s because you ate it that fast.
Neko: My head hurts…
Shiro: Aa… it must be painful.

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[KMK]-Stick posters
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First Snow

by: 包子Amy

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[K] Project Rewatch —— Episode 01

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The Silver Clan
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Colour Palette: Kuro & Shiro

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